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The first Google TVs will ship to the US on May 21st.

LG Electronics (LG) presentó sus HDTV’s (televisores de alta definición), en el EXPO de CES este año, dirigido por lo que se cree que es uno del más grande TV 3D de Definición Ultra del mundo (UD), con 55  pulgadas impresionantes (54,6 pulgadas en diagonal) OLED televisión de alta definición -. Esta nueva línea de televisores de alta definición trae el futuro de la televisión al hogar de hoy con una  plataforma actualizada,  y un nuevo diseño rediseñado remote mágico, y  pantalla touch screen plasma.

Además de los contenidos de calidad de los proveedores como Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU y otros, nuevas opciones de contenido para este año incluyen una ventanilla única para contenido en 3D (a través de la Zona 3D) y casi 1.200 solicitudes totales de la tienda LGAppStore.  LG también mejoró la experiencia de navegación Web, mediante la incorporación de HTML 5 y Flash por lo que ahora puede funcionar como un navegador de Internetcompleto con soporte de vídeo.

En total, 25 modelos vienen con LG Cinema 3D que utiliza  la tecnología para ofrecer a los espectadores un efecto 3D, utilizando gafas que no titilan y ayudan a proporcionar una experiencia de visualización 3D más cómoda. Las gafas 3D son, sin baterías

LG exec Ro Seogho has mentioned May 21st, for shipping the LED-powered LMG860 and LMG620, which come with the new QWERTY-equipped Magic Motion remotes and an optional skinning of the native (and regularly updated) Google TV experience.

LG Electronics (LG) introduced its 2012 HDTVs, at CES this year, led by what is believed to be one of the world’s largest Ultra Definition (UD) 3D TV and an awe-inspiring 55-inch class (54.6-inch diagonal) OLED HDTV –. This new line of HDTVs brings the future of TV into the home today withan upgraded LG Smart TV platform with a redesigned Magic Remote and touch-screen plasma.

In addition to premium content from providers like Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU and others, new content options this year include a one-stop-shop for 3D content (via the 3D Zone) and almost 1,200 total applications in the LG App store. LG also enhanced the user Web browsing experience by incorporating HTML 5 and Flash so it can now function as a full internet browser with video support.

Complementing its broad Smart TV line, LG also introduced two LED series featuring LG Smart TV with Google TV (LMG860 and LMG620). Consumers can navigate through LG’s TV-centric home dashboard, or via the standard Google TV interface using a special remote control that combines the simplicity of the Magic Remote with an integrated QWERTY keyboard to access the broad array of Google content, including services and TV applications from the Android Market.

CINEMA 3D technology has been expanded to seven new series of LED HDTVs, all told 25 models. LG CINEMA 3D employs the revolutionary Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology to give viewers a great 3D effect and uses glasses that don’t flicker like active shutter glasses. It also virtually eliminates cross-talk to help provide a more comfortable 3D viewing experience. The 3D glasses are battery-free, affordable and don’t shutter open and closed so both eyes receive an image simultaneously. With new 3D Depth Control, viewers can optimize 3D content to their personal preference by adjusting the amount 3D effect applied to the content. 3D Sound Zooming offers users a maximized 3D experience with sound effect changing in accordance with the movement of on-screen objects. Upgraded 2D to 3D Conversion with improved depth effect enables any 2D content to be seen in immersive 3D.

Sells for $1699 and $2299


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