Founded by Oscar Dominguez CEO/Editor a professional photographer and independent filmmaker in the year 1998.

The magazine was started as a personal project of Oscar’s when he realized there was nothing in the Los Angeles area for the professional or aspiring Spanish speaking photographer and/or videographer.

The first print issues were printed from a home printer and later grew to more than 20,000 professional color magazine publications which were distributed in the United States.
As the magazine and readership grew, Punto Magazine hosted seminars throughout the Los Angeles area to better help educate and inform the Spanish speaking professional in the industry. This was done by bringing some of the best photographers and videographers in the industry from the U.S. Mexico and Latin America to present workshops and seminars and by working closely with all professional associations here in the states as well as Latin America.

Punto along with the help of WEVA International (Wedding and Events professional Association) the largest association for Videographers in the world, started WEVA Latino to further educate Videographers.

Today the Blog site and social media sites are followed by photographers and videographers in the U.S as well as Mexico, Spain and Latin American countries. Our mission as always is to help bring information and education to the Spanish speaking professional.





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